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The Step by Step Guide on how to Make Money Online

The purpose of this guide is to provide you with a step by step process that will enable you to make money from the internet. The following guide will spoon feed you every step you need to start making money online.

The classical mistake for beginners entering the online money making arena is that they often overestimate the earnings potential of the internet. Don't get me wrong, anyone can make a decent amount online, however it is not as simple as many perceive it to be. Many newcomers try an online money making method expecting immediate results and are disappointed by failing to reach their expected earnings. Persistence is the key to making money online. The best tactic is to completely clear your mind of the potential earnings and simply concentrate on what you will do to start making money.

The best starting place is to set up numerous income sources, so that you are not reliant on one single source for bringing in the earnings. Not only will this let you earn more but it will give you a good overall understanding of the potential earning sources that the internet encompasses but also will enable you to identify the money making methods that you enjoy and are best at. Enjoyment is a critical component to making a large amount of money online and is one of the best qualities that the internet possesses. Which ever of the methods in this guide that you choose to pursue, make sure that they are enjoyable as this will help to keep you motivated.

You can follow the steps below as well as read through our other money making guides in the right side menu. Enjoy.

Step 1: Make Money Online with Online Surveys

One of the quickest and easiest sources of online income is for you to take surveys commissioned by some of the worlds largest organisations. It is as easy as it sounds, all you have to do is register with a few online survey companies and they will email you with surveys for you to take part in and of course be paid for doing so.

You will require an email address to sign up so that they can send you the surveys. If you do not have an email address or do not want to disclose your private email address you can create one for free from Google Gmail, Yahoo Mail or MSN.

After completing each survey your account will be credited with your payment. The amount you earn per survey varies from survey to survey. Once you reach a certain amount you will receive a cheque with your payment.

Online Career have tested the following online survey companies. To get started go to each of these sites and sign up to receive surveys:

Global Test Market

To find out more about online surveys visit the online survey section of our site.

Step 2: Make Money with a Free Blog

Google offer anyone the ability to create their own blog at Blogger without knowing anything about programming. You simply publish text and images you want on your blog through the online interface.

For now simply visit Blogger and create a blog about a topic that you are interested in, perhaps a hobby or one of your interests. Blogs should eventually make up the majority of your online earnings and we will cover blogs in much more detail later on.

Write an introduction for your blog telling visitors what you will be writing on your blog. Later we will show you how to get your blog "indexed" or to show up in search engines like Google, and how to make your blog be on the top of the search engine lists so that you get visitors to your blog. We will combine this with advertising enabling you to earn money from your blog.

Steps 1 and 2 shouldn't take you too long but are unlikely to provide you with any instant money. We know how eager our first time visitors are to make some cash so step 3 is designed to get you some money within the next 30 minutes!

Step 3: Make Money Posting on Forums

The only thing you will need is a Paypal account. For those of you that do not have a Paypal account you can sign up for free here. You will need the PayPal account to be paid.

What you will be doing is posting on forums that the forum owner is trying to develop. As no one wants to join forums with no members and low number of posts, the forum owners need to pay you to post on the forum to increase popularity and make the forum look more active to attract new users to sign up.

So how do you find forums that will pay you for the posts you make? Digital Point is the perfect place. Search through posts and look for webmasters looking for forum posters. Choose a forum topic you have substantial knowledge of as it is very difficult posting about something you know nothing about. Various forum owners will pay various amounts. The normal going rate is $1 for 10 posts. It might not sound like much but the money you earn here can be invested into much more profitable money making methods.

The forum owner will tell you exactly what he would like you to do. This would include the number of posts he will pay you to make. Some demands might include starting a new forum thread, or signing up as more than one forum users.

Because this is just one of the many ways you could make money on forums we will be covering different methods later on. We strongly recommend you to join the forum and read up on the other money making methods as well as learn how to optimise your blog so that it ranks well in search engines.

Step 4:  Getting Your Blog to Rank Well in Search Engines

The key to making money with blogs or any site for that matter is through visitors. The more visitors you can attract to your blog to more money you will make. There are two main ways to increase the position of your blog In search engines. The first is getting other websites to link to your blog. The more websites the link to you through their site, the more search engines perceive your blog as a useful resource and will rank it high in their listings.

The second method is referred to as "on page search engine optimisation" and comprises mainly of putting the words you want to rank for in search engines into the text of your blog. To rank well in search engines place the words or term you want to rank well in your blog posts. Remember not to go overboard as this will look like a deliberate attempt to mislead the search engines. Always remember that your blog must look presentable to your visitors. Put your readers before search engines so make you blog easy to navigate and don't spam keywords everywhere!

For more information on how to optimise your blog for search engines visit Digital Point.

Step 5: Place Advertising on Your Blog to Make Money

The simplest way to place advertising on your blog is to use Google Adsence. Adsence will immediately place ads related to the content of your blog, giving you relevant ads. You will be paid every time someone clicks on an ad.

Step 6: Contiune Developing Your Blog

Step 6 is the most important of all. You need to continue adding new content to your blog as well as try to gather as many links from other sites as possible. Use Digital Point to learn new ways of building links. Feel free to start several blogs but remember to keep them updated. Don't get carried away looking for links and forget to add new content (articles, guides, text) to your blog. If you have little content on your blog it wont matter how many links you get because search engines wont have enough keywords to rank you with!

Our step by step guide was really designed to wet you appatite and is just the tip of the ice burg in terms of how you can make money online. Study the rest of our guides carefully and if there is one piece of advice you take from Online Career please let it be this:

No matter which or how many methods you choose to use, put in your best effort because your earnings will be directly proportionate to the effort you put in to your online efforts

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